Saturday morning cartoon thought ...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

What do the premieres of Legion of Super-Heroes and The Batman have in common?


This seems to me a good thing.
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  1. Convince me to like The Batman, please. I love Batman: The Animated Series but this new one? Not so much.

  2. Not so much that I don't like The Batman per se, is that it just seems ridiculous that they cancelled considerably better, more stylized Batman series in order to create this "young Batman" series, and then couldn't stick with it. Frankly I think it's something of an embarassment to the series that they brought in Robin and Batgirl so quickly, and now the Justice League?! Even as I'm eager to watch it for the crossovers, the whole thing just seems like a mess.

  3. Most Bat-Fans hate this new cartoon but you have to admit thet as the seasons go by it gets a little better. I just wish they would have made the Joker a lot better. What's with the "barefeet" & rasta-hair style???

    Are you a BATMAN FAN?