DC Comics Fall 2009 Trade Paperbacks and December 2008 Solicitations


Amazon is very slowly updating their DC Comics collections for Fall 2009. In addition to the Final Crisis hardcover we mentioned the other day, they've also got the paperback of All-Star Batman and Robin (with or without cussing?) and the hardcover Superman: New Krypton Vol. 1: Birth, beginning the Geoff Johns/James Robinson crossover.

Couple of notes on DC Comics's December 2008 solicitations:

All-Star Superman Volume 2 hardcover - Still waiting for Absolute edition. In 2009, I bet.

Batman: RIP The Deluxe Edition - I'm pretty excited about this, given it's DC's first mainstream foray into deluxe oversized editions with their hardcovers. The price isn't higher than a regular hardcover, and I'm willing to fork over the money for hardcovers when I'm getting an added benefit, like the larger size.

Eclipso: Music of the Spheres - This collects the Countdown to Mystery backup tales. Interesting that DC didn't bill this as a "Countdown" tie-in, suggesting maybe the "Countdown" label's lost its sheen. The cover image here reminds me of the 1990s Eclipso series, which is long overdue for a collection given its ties to the modern JSA series and others.

The Flash: Emergency Stop - The solicitation for this trade says it collects issues #130-135, but #135 is the third part of a crossover with Green Lantern and Green Arrow, so this is probably incorrect. The full Grant Morrison/Mark Millar run went to issue #141.

Tune in tomorrow for more trade paperback reviews!

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  1. I'm guessing they decided to divide to Morrison/Millar run into two books, with six issues each.

  2. I'm surprised it wouldn't be listed as "volume one." Also, not that these aren't good stories, but spending $12.99 each on two volumes, when DC could've charged $17.99 or $19.99 for one larger volume, especially when you could spend your money otherwise on more recent stuff? I'll be a little annoyed if they do split it into two volumes.

  3. Re: Emergency Stop

    If $12.95 is the real price, there's no way they're going all the way to #141. I'm inclined to believe that they really are just doing #130-135, even with just part 3 of a 3-parter, particularly since that was told mostly in flashback. They may have thought it worked well enough on its own.

    Re: Dropping the Countdown to Mystery title on the Eclipso trade, isn't this basically what they did with the Dr. Thirteen collection from Tales of the Unexpected?

  4. I have the sneaking suspicion that DC will wait until the paperback version of All-Star Superman vol.2 comes out before soliciting an Absolute version. Which would make it 2010 at the earliest.

  5. Hey, I was just curious... has there been any actual confirmation that DC will release an Absolute All-Star Superman, or is that just a guess? It certainly seems like an ideal candidate for the Absolute treatment.

    I'm not a big fan of double dipping, but I think I'm going to have to on that deluxe RIP book. The story has been so compelling thus far, and the price is quite reasonable.

  6. No official confirmation on Absolute All-Star Superman, but they did just solicit the Absolute Superman: For Tomorrow, which was universally panned -- a story as popular as All-Star Superman, with art by Frank Quietly, I'd be super-duper suprised if we didn't see an Absolute volume. For All-Star Batman and Robin, too.

  7. Hey, if there's an "All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder" Absolute Edition (probably coming in 2014, right after Miller finishes his 18-issue run), maybe we'll get some special "uncensored" bonus features. :) Anyway, I'm a sucker for Absolute Editions. I'd be happy to see both of the All-Star runs included. Superman is easily the best of the two, though.


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