Final Crisis hardcover solicitation


Amazon now lists a Final Crisis hardcover for $24.99 at 240 pages, arriving in stores in June 2009. If the page count is right, and each issue of Final Crisis is 40 pages, that doesn't quite add up to seven issues ...

No confirmation of this quite yet on other sites (and strangely the listing only comes up when you search by ISBN, not any other way), but we'll keep watching. More news as it breaks ...

(Thanks to Chris Hilker for the heads up!)

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  1. is the 40 page count with or without adds?

  2. That is a good question, and I'm not sure the answer. Anyone?

  3. I haven't read Final Crisis, but the DC Comics website lists the issues at 40 pages. They always give you the total page count without mentioning how many story pages there really are, so my guess is that the hardcover page count is about right.

  4. The 40 page count includes the ads. There are about 30 story pages per issue. So, 210 pages + covers + introduction/afterword + a few little bonuses... it sounds about right.

  5. Thanks all. Sounds like that means Final Crisis collected all together with none of the tie-ins, though ...

  6. Interesting to note: The Amazon information for the hardcover has changed. Where it used to read that the book would contain 240 pages, enough room for the Final Crisis series only and no tie-ins, it now reads 352 pages. Those extra 112 pages are just enough to cover FC: Superman Beyond 1&2 (60 story pages), Batman: Last Rites (44 story pages). In addition, the Final Crisis companion TPB no longer lists FC: Submit in its contents.

    Seems very possible that these vital tie-ins are being incorporated into the hardcover! Yay!


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