Near Mint Condition suggests Batman: Hush Saga Omnibus coming back!


Popular YouTube channel Near Mint Condition released an advance look at DC Comics' September 2023 collected editions this past week. Among those, the biggest surprise was apparently a new solicitation of the Batman: Hush Saga Omnibus!

Originally solicited for October 2018, the Hush Saga Omnibus was notable because not only did it collect Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s “Hush” from Batman #608–619, but also issues of Batman: Streets of Gotham and Detective Comics by Paul Dini, and Gotham Knights by A. J. Lieberman, at least some of which had never been collected before.

That release, however, was cancelled as of January 2019, seemingly replaced with a more ordinary “DC Essential Edition” reprinting of just “Hush” proper. We’ve heard no more about it in four years.

I’ve no reason to doubt Near Mint Condition’s reporting, though this is surprising among other things because the Batman: Hush Saga Omnibus wasn’t included in DC’s Spring 2023 or Fall 2023 solicitations, nor is it listed in any of the usual spots. Still, I’m excited for the possibility. DC’s September 2023 solicitations should be made available to the general public this coming Friday, so stay tuned to find out what’s there!

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  1. The September solicits are out, and this omnibus really is back on, which I find surprising. With the original Hush storyline already collected in every format imaginable, plus the Batman by Paul Dini omnibus collecting all of his Hush stories, I suppose this Hush Saga Omnibus will only be interesting for those who really want the Lieberman stuff to bridge the gap between Loeb and Dini.

    1. Not that I know any continuity hounds who might fit that bill … 😄

      Such strange timing on the solicitations this month! More soon …

    2. Oh, those poor souls that buy this solely for the Leiberman issues.

      Only vaguely related, this sure seems to highlight that we're just one nice, fat Gotham Knights by Beatty collection away from having (essentially) all of GK collected in some form. I have a huge soft spot for that run and would love for DC to fill that hole in my shelf (really, 'Tec between Fugitive and War Games is similarly poorly collected. As is Batgirl. Probably Robin, too, but I'm not positive on that title).

    3. AnonymousJuly 30, 2023

      So is the Hush omnibus worth buying? Or would I (as a poor person that can only get like 3 omnis a year) be better off getting the Paul Dini omni shagamu mentioned?


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